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BAZOO - Mobile eSport
BAZOO - Mobile eSport
BAZOO - Mobile eSport
BAZOO - Mobile eSport

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Check out this explosive mix of puzzle and action games!

Bazoo perfectly combines 3 ingredients:
– A simple principle that’s easy to learn
– Great strategic depth
– Fast and intense real-time combat

Discover an addictive game in a colorful universe that will put your reflexes and nerves to the test!
One thing is for sure: Bazoo wasn’t made for lightweights!

Silver Monkey Partner program


You love playing Bazoo? You think you’re a cool influencer (youtuber, journalist, streamer,…). Well, we are looking for people like you!
Our Silver Monkey program is destined to people who want to help us promoting the game inside and outside the web by making some classy videos, articles, live streams, events or whatever could help our monkeys get fame all over the world!

Apply by sending us an e-mail at

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