Update: join a clan!

The most expected update is now available! Create/join a clan!

About clans

Players ask for teams. Good news is: we're working on it.

Update: last fights replays, stop ads, new skins,…

What's in the new update?

Update Sneak Peeks

Coming soon in Bazoo...

How to stream Bazoo directly on your device?

Did you know you can stream some Bazoo without using a computer, directly on the main platforms? Yes, you can!

Bazoo is being released worldwide!

We're very proud and excited to announce that Bazoo is now available worldwide, for all iOS and Android players.

April update: let’s (monster) finish

We're reaching the final step before the global release of Bazoo. This update is mainly focused on visual and menus improvements.

March update: bugs fixes

We recently release our last update, which is mainly focused on bugs fixes.