• Update: Start your items collection

    September 20, 2017 Sébastien Beghelli news

    Dear players,

    We’re thrilled to introduce our last update!

    Discover a brand new way to customize your character!
    Unlock chests of skins items using gold and find as many rare, epic and legendary items as possible! Exchange duplicate items for gems and use the gems to buy more items!

    Oh, we almost forgot… It’s also time to discover a brand new Golden Item called “Ultimate”. Impress your opponents by wearing this incredible glowy skins!

    The store has been updated and many chests will be updated regularly.
    Get collecting!

    The Bazoo team


  • The biggest Bazoo tournaments are on Gizer

    September 4, 2017 Sébastien Beghelli news

    Dear players,

    We are thrilled to announce our first eSport collaboration with the brand new app Gizer.
    Tons of Bazoo tournaments are created every week, but it may be hard to dive into a correct scheduling for the most competitive players. That’s the purpose of our partner Gizer : finding the biggest Bazoo tournaments, chatting with the players community and obtaining exclusive cash rewards.
    Yes, play Bazoo and be rewarded, what’s better ?


    Gizer is structured on a three-axes use:


    – Discover hundreds of CR tourneys in real-time
    – Filter tournaments
    – Filter services/products
    – Create your own custom event in less than one minute
    – Build your network by connect with other gamers
    – Keep track of your new connections in your friends list
    – Real time event details including prize, entry fee, streaming link, etc.
    – Scout out the competition and see who’s playing with ‘Gamers Joined’
    – Share tournaments, services, or products with friends


    – Create custom events in less than one minute
    – Get yourself noticed within the CR community by hosting HQ tourneys
    – Group chat or U2U messaging with participants in your event
    – Manage entry fees/payouts without leaving the app
    – Share your events on social media, or directly with friends
    – Find and connect with top players competing in your events
    – Manage/edit your events in real-time from your Host dashboard

    Services + Businesses

    – Offer your skills to the community and create your listing in less than one minute
    – Connect with event hosts in need of your skills
    – Sponsor events to get noticed
    – Manage/edit your listings in real time from ‘My Services’ dashboard
    – Fill your friends list with gamers and hosts to help grow your business
    – Personalize your listing with different offerings, price bundles, and images
    – Build your following and link your social profiles or website right on your page

    You can download, from now, the Gizer app on iTunes or get the Android beta directly on the Gizer official website.


    Create your profile, add “Bazoo” as your main interest and regularly check the tournaments or host yours !

    Follow us on Twitter to be notified of the biggest Bazoo tournaments upcoming on Gizer !



  • Update: join a clan!

    Dear players,

    It’s time for clans! After a long work process, we’re thrilled to introduce this feature in Bazoo.

    Create/join a clan

    – Create a clan up to 20 players or browse the clans list to join one
    – Chat with your clan’s members
    – Three levels of players: Owner, co-owner and member with different moderation rights
    – Invite a friend in your clan directly on his/her profile window
    – Most important is… rule the clans leaderboard!

    The update will be progressively deployed on the stores.

    The Bazoo team


  • About clans

    Dear players,

    We made Bazoo full-oriented toward eSport. This means leaderboards, tournaments, live spectating, statistics and also… clans. This feature is high above everything else on the players wishlist, and we’re more than aware of that.

    Good news is: we’re working on it. This kind of feature, even being a “must-be” in a 2017 mobile game, requires a lot of work from our different teams, here at IsCool Entertainment, as we want to provide the best user-experience, bugs-free and easy-to-use teams functionality.

    In the meantime, we’re truly grateful to all the teams that began to set-up off-game and started gathering the worldwide best players to take the top of the different leaderboards and tournaments. We’re thrilled to discover, everyday, new players who love to play Bazoo under a common banner.

    Thus, we thank you for patience, and invite you to join the Bazoo players community on Twitter (@bazoo) to get more insights about teams.

    To discuss about clans, you can also visit the dedicated post on our reddit.

    The Bazoo team

    Oh… we almost forgot…

  • Update: last fights replays, stop ads, new skins,…

    Dear players,

    Our first update is now live! We took time to analyze your feedbacks and resolve the major bugs that were reported. Following the eSport spirit of the game, we added the last fights replays with statistics… Let’s analyze your game to play even better! Also, hard-core players who want an interrupted flow of fights can now buy a stop ads option in the shop.


    – Watch your 100 last fights replays and get back to the action!
    – Last fights replays and leaderboards replays now show some statistics: blocks sent, duration and combos.
    – Timing tool: x0.5, X1, X2 and X4 mode. Accelerate the replay or take your time to watch all the details.

    Stop ads

    – Say “Bye” to the in-game ads by getting the Stop Ads pack in the shop.
    – Fight as much as you want without being interrupted

    New skins

    – Burgers, unicorn, american football player,… 7 new c-r-a-z-y skins!
    – Skins will be available from time to time, in the shop. Remember, the shop changes two times a month (on friday).

    Enhanced “FREE COINS” panel

    – Be aware of the next gems/gold rewards (count down and amount)

    Bugs fixed

    – Some players were experiencing crashes while changing their nickname, or after a live spectating mode
    – Sharing profile was sometimes crashing
    – Some countries flags weren’t loading well
    – and some more,..

    The update will be progressively deployed on the stores.

    To discuss about this update, visit the dedicated post on our reddit.

    The Bazoo team

  • Update Sneak Peeks

    Coming soon in Bazoo…

    #1 – Stop Ads

    Nothing better than a fluid game without interruptions between two battles! Buy the Stop Ads and get rid of all the in-game ads.

    #2 – Last battles replays

    – Watch your 100 last fights replays
    – Replay mode (personal and leaderboards) now include some nice statistics : blocks sent, combos and duration
    – X0.5, X1,  X2, X4 timing mode

    #3 – 7 new skins

    – Hungry for a burger? Dreaming about an unicorn? Training for a boxing fight? and..
    – …oh? Is this Alvaro845?
    – New skins will appear in the store randomly in the next weeks

    Some of our favorite sneak peeks videos:

    – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MU_ZjgU6EeI

    – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtrCxAFp3Yo&feature=youtu.be&a

    – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftnpA7SdfJg&feature=youtu.be

  • How to stream Bazoo directly on your device?

    Dear players,

    Did you know you can stream some Bazoo without using a computer, directly on the main platforms? Yes, you can!

    Bazoo has a dedicated page on:

    For Android users, that’s something very easy, as you just have to open your favorite streaming platform and choose “Bazoo” as the game title parameter.

    For iOS users, this is a bit more tricky, but we made it easy for you!

    Here is how to stream Bazoo on an iOS device.

    Step 1: Go in the Setup menu, then turn on the option “Live broadcast”.

    Step 2: A dedicated pop-up will appear at the bottom-left of the screen. Click on the “Start” button.

    Step 3: Choose your favorite streaming platform. Note: for now, only Youtube Gaming, Mobcrush and Periscope are available on iOS.

    Step 4: Insert a title, “Bazoo” will be automatically selected at the broadcasted game. Then, click on “Start broadcast”.

    Step 5: You’re live! Note: you can turn your device mic on/off in the in-game streaming pop-up. Additionally, you can minimize the pop-up by clicking on the broadcast icon.


    As soon as you start a stream, mention us on Twitter, we may join you!

    The Bazoo team

  • Bazoo is being released worldwide!

    Dear players,

    We’re very proud and excited to announce that Bazoo is now available worldwide, for all iOS and Android players. All the team put its heart and soul to make the best real-time PvP arcade game; it has been a long journey, but here we are, let’s play Bazoo!

    Download it now for free:

    We look forward to hear from you on our forum, on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

    The Bazoo team.



  • April update: let’s (monster) finish

    Dear players,

    We’re reaching the final step before the global release of Bazoo. This update is mainly focused on visual and menus improvements. We also introduced a new cool feature for replays lovers : replays motion controls, which will be pretty useful to analyze some (very) quick fights.

    Visual improvements:

    – Two new “Monster finish” animations when demolishing your enemy
    – New loading screen
    – Logo update
    – Game icon update
    – New pictogram for the “Free coins” menu
    – New design for the “Last opponents” list

    Bugs fixed:

    – Text shared to invite someone to a battle had some broken characters
    – The A.P.M. animation wasn’t running properly


    – Motion controls in the replay mode
    – Replay Kit Live integration (for iOS)

    Don’t forget to update your game!

    To discuss about this update, visit the dedicated post on our forum.

    The Bazoo team

  • March update: bugs fixes

    march update bugs fixes bazoo

    Dear players,

    We recently release our last update, which is mainly focused on bugs fixes. With this patch update, we should have resolved the biggest issues you have been facing for weeks. We would really appreciate your feedbacks, don’t hesitate to report any other bugs you would find in Bazoo.

    Bugs fixed:

    – « Communication with server failed » fixed pop-up.
    – Leagues : reduce coins counter font size
    – FAQ is only displayed in english
    – Blocs stays in bloc launcher
    – Bloc counter infinite addition
    – Game reservation improvements


    – Delete notification at launch
    – Improvements on text inputs
    – Improvements on « No more coins » pop-up
    – General onboarding improvements
    – Stake selector automatically set on highest stake possible

    Don’t forget to update your game!

    To discuss about this update, visit our forum.

    The Bazoo team