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June 1, 2017 news

Dear players,

We made Bazoo full-oriented toward eSport. This means leaderboards, tournaments, live spectating, statistics and also… clans. This feature is high above everything else on the players wishlist, and we’re more than aware of that.

Good news is: we’re working on it. This kind of feature, even being a “must-be” in a 2017 mobile game, requires a lot of work from our different teams, here at IsCool Entertainment, as we want to provide the best user-experience, bugs-free and easy-to-use teams functionality.

In the meantime, we’re truly grateful to all the teams that began to set-up off-game and started gathering the worldwide best players to take the top of the different leaderboards and tournaments. We’re thrilled to discover, everyday, new players who love to play Bazoo under a common banner.

Thus, we thank you for patience, and invite you to join the Bazoo players community on Twitter (@bazoo) to get more insights about teams.

To discuss about clans, you can also visit the dedicated post on our reddit.

The Bazoo team

Oh… we almost forgot…

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